Neck Pain

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your neck, finding an appropriate treatment is sure to be a concern you want to handle promptly. Many find that they find complete neck pain relief by visiting Family Chiropractic with Dr. Terry for chiropractic services. Our practice serves the Mechanicville, Clifton Park, Malta, and Latham areas. Here is some general information about neck pain, including ways our chiropractor can help.

neck treatment at the chiropractor

Different Reasons Why Neck Pain Occurs

Neck pain occurs for several different reasons. If you are involved in a car accident or experience a personal injury incident, neck pain could result. Using poor ergonomic practices in the home or office can lead to improper stretching of the neck muscles. Looking at a cell phone frequently can lead to a condition known as "text neck.” Sleeping in an awkward position could also place stress upon the neck, leading to pain.

How to Avoid Neck Pain

Protecting yourself against potential neck pain is important. When driving or riding in a vehicle, check that your headrest is positioned centrally behind your head. If an accident occurs, you will be less likely to suffer from whiplash if your head is prevented from jolting around erratically from the impact. When sleeping, do not use too many pillows, as this will prop up your head in a manner where the neck is at risk of overstretching. Keep computer monitors and phones at eye level so your neck is not stretched upward when looking at them.

Ways to Alleviate the Symptoms of Neck Pain

There are a few ways to attain neck pain relief when symptoms are present. After an injury occurs, apply a cold compress to the affected area for about 20 minutes. Remove it for 20 minutes before applying it once again. This will help to reduce inflammation in the affected area. After swelling reduces, use a heating pad on the affected area of the neck instead. Over-the-counter medication for pain can help reduce symptoms temporarily. Light exercises or stretching of the neck may also be beneficial.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

If neck pain does not decrease on its own after a day or two, making an appointment with our chiropractor is an option to get much-needed relief. Neck pain treatment may start with spinal adjustments to reduce joint stress at the base of the neck. This will relieve muscle pain effectively. Massage, exercise, temperature therapy, electric stimulation, and lifestyle changes are all used in conjunction with adjustments to minimize discomfort.

We Provide Neck Pain Treatment in Clifton Park

If you require chiropractic services for neck pain relief, and you live in the Mechanicville, Clifton Park, or Latham areas, call Family Chiropractic with Dr. Terry at (518) 357-3262.