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Text Neck Treatment

Text Neck Treatment In Mechanicville, Clifton Park, Malta, and Latham

As phone calls become less and less popular, we're texting more and more. Constantly checking our phones and writing text messages can mean that our heads are leaning forward at an unnatural angle, which can result in pain. This phenomenon, known as text neck, can cause pain. At Family Chiropractic & Wellness with Dr. Terry, serving Mechanicville, Clifton Park, Malta, and Latham, our chiropractor can help relieve your text-related pain.

What Is Text Neck?

When the head is bent forward at an unnatural angle for long periods of time, it can cause misalignment of the neck and spine. This can result in neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle spasms, and muscle soreness. It's easy to forget to keep proper posture when text messaging.

Stretches That Relieve Text Neck

While the best way to avoid text neck is by reducing the amount of time you spend using your mobile device, there are also stretches that you can do to help relieve text neck pain. A downward dog yoga pose, in which your hands and feet are planted on the ground and your hips stretch towards the ceiling, can help to decompress the neck and spine. Stretching your chest can also be helpful. Stand up straight, with your arms at your sides. Rotate your forearms until your thumbs are pointing toward the wall behind you. You should feel a moderate stretch across your chest.

Your best bet to find relief from text neck is to see a chiropractor who can evaluate your symptoms and ensure that your spine is properly aligned. Text neck is treatable- there's no need to suffer!

Text Neck Pain? Call Us

If you or your child is suffering from text neck, there's no need to be embarrassed- we can help. At Family Chiropractic & Wellness with Dr. Terry, we are committed to providing care that helps restore our patients to a pain-free state. Call us today to set up your first appointment at (518) 357-3262.