Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment From Family Chiropractic

If you are currently dealing with back pain, it is likely you want to find a Back pain treatment plan that brings you relief. Reach about to Family Chiropractic with Dr. Terry if you live in the Mechanicville, Clifton Park, Malta, Albany and Latham areas to find ways to reduce pain and discomfort successfully. Here is some information about back pain and how chiropractic services can help alleviate symptoms.

Man With Back Pain

Different Types Of Back Pain

Not all back pain in the same. Upper, central, or lower back pain are all uncomfortable, but each targets different parts of the body, leading to pain in close by areas in addition to the back. If you suffer from upper back pain, it is likely your shoulders and neck are also giving you problems. Lower back pain may radiate to the backs of the legs. Central pain could cause difficulty with posture and put stress upon the spine.

What Causes Pain In The Back

There are many different ways back pain starts. If you use poor ergonomic practices on the job, while using your computer, or while doing repetitive tasks, you may find pain in your back arises. If you have poor posture, pain in the back could be constant. Those who engage in sporting activities and exercise frequently could become victims of pain from overuse of or an injury to the muscles. If you get into a vehicular accident, back pain may be a result of the impact of the incident. 

How Our Chiropractor Will Treat Your Pain

When you make an appointment with our chiropractor, be sure to bring along any pertinent documentation from your family doctor so we are aware of any underlying conditions before we start treatment. In many cases, spinal adjustments will work superbly at minimizing the amount of discomfort you are experiencing. You may notice results after just one session.

In addition to adjustments, our chiropractor will provide temperature therapy to ice or warm affected muscles in the back. This is a pleasing experience that many find relaxing. Massage is also used to treat stiff muscles and ligaments in the back area. Our chiropractor will also recommend exercises and stretches you can do at home to help you reduce discomfort when needed. If necessary, lifestyle changes will also be recommended if you suffer from back pain on a constant basis.

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